Loosing control on VDR?

We know how it feels to be in charge
of handling tousands of engineering documents
This is why we developed the:


try it online, free:

Need powerful KPIs for your Engineering?

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try the Controlroom on-line

A complete Engineering Document Management tool
adopted by SMBs in the O&G, EPC and Energy industries

(Scroll this frame for detailed instructions.)

You can try the ControlRoom now, using this data template:


After copying the data into the frame, scroll to see the graph.

How to read the Graph:

  • The Blue bars
    refer to drawings still to be issued. They count the days to the required first issue. Negative values are days "to" first issue, Positive values are first issue's delay days
  • The Red bars
    refer to drawings under revision. They count the days since the document is in the hands of one of the party. Negative values are days since drawing has returned, Positive values are days since drawing has been sent
  • The Green bars
    refer to Final drawings. They count the days since the drawing has been Finalized. Negative values are drawings returned Final, Positive values are drawings sent as Final
  • The Dark Red stacked bars
    appear when the revision allowed time has been surpassed.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!