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Need a simple way to:

  • keep track of the Customer progress through the Sales Funnel;
  • create and assign simple TO-DO tasks;
  • keep track of REVENUES, COSTS, PAYMENT and EXPENSES;
  • profile Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Employees?

You can do this with an excell file, but then you cannot:

  • update it on the fly using your cell phone;
  • share among the team.

Furthermore larger tools tend to be:

  • overcomplicated;
  • rigid;
  • way to costly.

So I coded PICO:

an on-line tool purposefully kept bare-bone.

How PICO CRM works:

It has just 3 objects:

  • Customers;
  • Events;
  • Events Chart.

With Customers you can Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) a profile.
With Events you can Create Assign Schedule Quantify (CASQ) an event.
With Events Chart you can spot events urgency, delay and completion, in a second.

The Events are quite flexible; they can be used:

  • to track a progress through process stages;
  • assign single tasks (TO-DOs);
  • record amounts and quantities.

The Events are linked to Customers.

You can collect basic billing infos, profile customers, and assign them to an owner

The Events Chart shows you the status of your events.

This chart is based on sound project management experience.
Once you get the logic you will love it. Here how it works:

  • Blue bars show time to planned delivery
    a negative value shows the remaining time to deliver,
    a positive bar shows time elapsed since planned delivery.
  • Red bars show time to expected delivery
    This means that the original delivery date has been rescheduled with a delay.
  • Green bars show final delay versus planned delivery
    a negative value shows the delivery happend before original planned date,
    a positive value shows the delivery happend after original planned date.

The idea is to have something flexible as an Excell file,
but on-line like a proper CRM,
keeping everything as lean as possible.(or more)

Give PICO a try:

The tool is meant for Startuppers, SMB Owners, Professionals, No-Profits
originally developed for a startup providing sanitization services,
it can be quite handy if its fields are used "smartly"
exactly as you would do with an excell file.

If you want to give a try, these are the TEST credentials:

  • user: TESTCRM
  • pw: test!CRM

In case, any comment / hint / suggestion will be much appreciate.

Try it now

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!