What stops you to use your data?

Source: Digital Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, 2016

Go where Gut & Experience can't

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence can factor zilions of small variables into your decision making, and bring efficiency and performance one step further.


Connect the dots between Data, Technology, Organization and Market

meet the team of Data Scientistis that integrates business understanding, engineering know-how and clear organizational process mapping.


Harvest information hidden into text, image and sound records

Mining Intellectual Property records, connecting technical documentation, understanding sentiments and forecasting intentions with the power of Natural Language Processing.


Strategy & Data Analytics

If your business is technology driven, probably crunching data is not enough to solve the existing challenges and respond to the sudden changes of today's business environment.
Our job is to connect the dots between Market, Technology, Organization and Information through Quantitative Models that bring your decision making to the next level,
Improving business performance, enhancing organization efficiency and reducing the risk of disruption.
In Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace and the Healthcare.

We are a little CRAZY, enough to see DATA from a different angle.

Who we are:

We are the Partner of industrial SMBs
that prefer a solution that works now,
to a perfect one, tomorrow.

Certifications and Clients


Organizational Process Mapping ,
Software Solutions Selection,
KPIs Dashboards and Quantitative Models.

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